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 ZACH Magnetic

The Zach Magnetic is a reflection of our novel approach to the Morse equipment construction. Short arms with a 1:1 leverage ratio, made from a lightweight alloy, four precision 624Z ball bearings, 925/000 silver contacts, finely adjustable contact gaps, magnetically controlled return force (repelling neodymium magnets used). Micro-threaded screws with position fixed using another security screw are used for all adjustments.

Paddle adjustment

This twin lever iambic paddle is manufactured using NC machinery for absolute precision. The base is a solid (3.937" x 2.362" x 0.393", 2.2 pound) chunk of brass, topped with sanded finish, patina and a protective coating. This key uses a fully encapsulated construction, a separate block of 1.574 x 1.574 x 1.181" houses all mechanical elements - contacts and bearings are completely protected from dust and moisture. There are no separate posts to hold the precision adjustments for the contact gap and the magnetic tension - just one block of metal which will not vibrate no matter how hard you hit the paddles, and which won’t slide around on your table. The connection is accomplished with a cable with standard flat USB connector. An oval insert plate with engraved call sign is standard option (to be placed into the oval slot on the top).

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Here is a special lightweight expedition version of the ZACH Magnetic Iambic Paddle made for portable use, expeditions, SOTA etc. All brass parts were replaced with aluminium, however the fully encapsulated precision construction remains the same.






Aluminium version of the ZACH Magnetic Iambic Paddle

 This Aluminium version of the ZACH Magnetic Iambic Paddle can be made on special order.

 Price: 180 €

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Due to transport problems, we do not ship paddles to the USA!