Roller inductor

The body coil is made of fiberglass, which has excellent mechanical and electrical properties. The coil form has milled grooves for silver-plated wire winding. The coil is mounted on ceramic insulators. The frame is composed of brass bars and spacers that allow flexible attachment of the grooved contact wheel and the collector. The collectors are made of phosphor bronze with molded silver contact. The shaft is also made of brass with 0.236" (6 mm) outer diameter. Front ball bearings and end bearing with a M8/1 adjusting screw and a ball are used. At the bottom of the bars are each two mounting M4 threads.

Motorized inductor

Obrázek představuje možnost ovládání kondenzátoru nebo cívky z naší produkce. Cena se bude navyšovat o cenu motoru, která je 24 EURO.

The picture above shows motorized version of variable capacitor or inductor from our production. The resulting price is 24 EURO higher.



Operating voltage: 12V DC
Speed under load: 9 rpm
Idling speed at 12V: 10 rpm
Max. gear load: 18 kg/cm
Steady gear load: 6 kg/cm
Transmission ratio: 1:600
Dimension (Ø x L): 37 mm x 79,5 mm
Shaft Ø: 6 mm


Variable inductors (rollers)
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W x H x DIA (mm)
0.22 - 24 µH 75 x 95 x 120 2 kW EUR 69  

prices in EUR + shipping and handling ~EUR 15 depending on the total weight

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